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Game cheats are growing in popularity

Double jumping is something you can do in lots of strategy games. I'd almost go as far to say it's the most popular cheat in games of today and the past. It allows a person to benefit from an extra boost in height. this can be particularly helpful in getting to sections of the map that users without the cheat cannot. This can be a nice tactic to use, but it can be difficult to get right as it usually requires the user to press the jump button twice when you are in a running action.
Another popular way of cheating in games is the use of game codes. Maybe you're stuck on a really hard level in Mario and you just want to skip it. Then game codes could be the answer for your pain and struggle. These games codes can enable you to play at higher-level and get the goals you need to complete the game. The actual use of game cheat codes means that the game no longer requires any skill or expertise. This could be seen as beneficial for when you are just beginning and still learning or practising capabilities, a helping hand can be just that. That said, some people look down on their use and say they ruin the gaming industry. Personally, I feel that it should be your choice as it's only your time that's potentially being misspent.
Here is an example of a cheat pattern, "Up, Down, Left, Left, X, Y, Y". They are not as common as they were in the 90s as children seem to have got lazier and have demanded codes. However in my childhood cheat patterns were almost as fun as the real game. They require accurate and precise input to be successful. It is also common for the user to have to complete the sequence within a time limit, else they will not get the benefit.
A further type of cheat is one that enables paid items to become free. This can be by design of the game developers but this is not always the case. Often loopholes will be found in games that allow people to get paid content for free. One such example of this, although not in-game, is the method of "leaching" used on PlayStation. Video games can can be expensive so I can partly appreciate people's motive in using these workarounds but without revenue game developers will cease their work and we will lose an industry.
The final type of cheat could be better defined as a hack, for it is made possible by the editting of the game's configuration. One such example of this is the cheats that are currently available on as exciting and "cool" by many younger gamers, this trend gives the gaming industry a bad reputation among many. Cheating in this manner can avail almost endless opportunites for the user, which can be very negative for their opponents or fellow teamplayers. Griefing is another emerging trend where users will purposefully "troll" their team with the aim of making them lose. They seem to receive some kind of strange kick out of annoying players like this. As the trend grows in popularity all we can do is wait to find it's true impact.
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